Sports Massage Therapy

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FSMTA is a reliable resource when you are searching for a Professionally Trained Sports Massage Therapist. Members of the FSMTA Sports Massage Team have completed training courses in treatment appropriate to massage althetes prior to an event and after an event. FSMTA Massage Therapists learn about contraindications in the performance of applying treatment in sports related injuries. FSMTA Massage Therapists are trained in the application of massage for sporting events and the appropriate treatments for specific types of sporting injuries.

FSMTA Sports Massage Therapists receive training that can benefit all types of people from the professional althete to the weekend warrior. If your looking for therapists to cover your event click on the following link to contact a Chapter President in your area that will be able to assist you with your event.

If you are looking for a specific FSMTA Massage Therapist in your area use the Advanced Search. Select Sports Massage in the list of modalities.

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